I’m Writing a Screenplay

Film offers a cinematic moral landscape.

Every film is trying to convince of its truth.

The truth is not always easy to discover or discern, but every aspect of a film contributes to its message. From editing to costuming, cinematography to sound design, from directing to score – everything  contributes to the message of the film.

So, I have a story to tell – a truth I’d like to share, that I believe is worth sharing. Whether or not it gets made is another story.

Ultimately, there’s only one story: man in hole.

Ultimately, there’s only one question: can man get out?

Ultimately, there’s only one plot: if man can get out, how does it happen?

So, what truth would I like to share?

“You don’t live with what happens in your life; you live with what you tell yourself happens and how you respond.”

Is it worth telling? I guess we’ll see.

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