A Lost Friend

Today, something happened on FaceBook that has never happened to me.

A person commented on a post and then blocked me.

The post explored how sinful impulses shouldn’t be followed and that just because a person was born with sinful impulses doesn’t mean that’s who that person is.

The person who commented, I assume, didn’t not understand this or because this matter was personal for themselves or with someone they know. However, they made clear that “My temptation to get your garbage off of my feed overcomes me.”

And that was it. No longer friends on FaceBook. No messages. No further conversation. No more discussion. I actually respected and had fond memories of this person. I would have liked to have heard her out.

My immediate response was “I have to fix this. I have made a mistake. I thought the post was clear. How can we be reconcile.” But, like the post said, not all impulses should be acted upon.

After thinking and praying, I decided to leave it alone. I replied to the post, attempted to “tag” the person, and have opted to leave it be.


Some people don’t want to talk.

Sometimes, we must leave people to their silence when they leave a conversation.

God has used silence to convict and comfort both sinners and saints.

Should we attempt to re-establish a severed relationship? Of course, but we can only do so much, as can the other person involved.

Sometimes, we must leave people in their silence.

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